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Hey sandi :) hope you are fine cutie. I'm going to tell you my story and I need you to help me please! I like this guy who goes to my school and same grade. He's not with me in any classes though. I don't know if he feels the same way or my so ill tell you some situations and you can judge. He walked me once to my bus, when I did something new to my hair he said wow you look so beautifulll. And when he saw me in an outing he complimented me too, my bestfriend was with me but he only complimented me. He once took my phone and typed his number. An he has mine but we never talk on the phone. I can notice him sometimes looking at me from afar. Today at school he was sick, I asked him first are you okay he said he was sick. Then at luch time he was sitting alone, I went to sit with him. But my friend was with me. His friend came too. He was normal. I was showing him some pictures of a wedding dress and I was like I want to get married an wear this. He kept saying things that meant he wasn't really interested in it. And we're supposed to go to like a school trip on Friday. In as walking with my friends he said did you guys pay but we weren't listening. Then he called my name. E asked me if I paid to go and I said I have the money and I still don't know. He said sice I'm going, so you have to come. Go and get the money now. I feel like I'm Fallon for him more and more every day and I don't want to go trough this! I want him to tell me f he feels the same way without sending me those mixed signals. What should I do when I see him at the trip? How can I get him to tell me if he likes me or not? And tomorrow when I see him at school? What should I say or do. I want to call him, I want to see him everyday. I want him to like me bak! Please help me. Thanks beautiful :)

Hi Salma,

There is only one way to know how he feels about you, ask! :)

I know you want him to make the first move but it doesn't always work out that way. I think you should find a good time when you can talk to him alone. Spend some time just chatting and getting to know him better. Then ask him how he feels about you. Tell him you guys have been chatting for awhile now and was just wondering if he just thinks of you as a friend or possibly something more.

Nothing wrong with that :)

Good luck


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