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Teen Dating Issues/I attracted only to men over 30s


I don't know what is wrong , I am 16 years old and I can't date anybody from my school or my class I just can't,I tried Im just not attracted to them as much as I am to guys over 30s . I like my dad's friend and I feel kinda sick because he is married and he has a child and I don't wanna be a homewreker slut, but I can't control it ..
I like guys that can teach me things ,I feel like I need protection, somebody that has more experience ,I need a real me.When I was 15 I had a 30 years old boyfriend that I used to call daddy and it felt so good I mean I always fall for dads or married man or people that I should't fall for ..Girls from my school date guys from their class or school and they always tell me that I should do the same and I want to but I just can't Im just not attracted to them at all .
Tell me what is wrong with me ?I know there's probably some psychological thing going on in my head but what is it ?

Nikki, I can't tell you why, but I think you already know.  You need to talk to someone, a therapist or a psychologist.  You describe a young woman who is struggling with father issues, and that's not something you and I can fix by email.  It's very dangerous.  The age difference, especially at your age, is a recipe for disaster!  As you already said, a lot of people could be hurt.

Please promise me that you will go talk to someone.  I'm not sure how the mental health system works in Romania, but I would be willing to bet that there is some system in place to advise young women who want help but who do not want to involve their parents.  It may sound odd, but start with women's health organizations - the places that provide birth control or perform abortions.  Those places probably have mental health care staffed onsite.  If they can't help you, they can point you to someone who can.

I'm not saying there is anything wrong with you.  That is not at all my point.  The fact that you recognize that there is a problem and are reaching out means that you lean more towards "right" than "wrong."  But the issue is that you've already had a boyfriend twice your age, referred to him as Daddy, and you were so young.  And you don't seem attracted to boys your age.  Those are things someone can help you to help yourself, but it's going to take work.

Please get back in touch with me after you have connected with someone near you who can help you.  That way I can rest assured that you are in good hands.

I wish you the best!


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