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I'm really sorry if this is too long, but hope you can help me out =)

I met a girl on the Class of 2017 Facebook page of the college Ill be attending as a freshman this year. We started talking a lot, and Ive gotten to really, really like her. We haven't met yet in person.  I've been getting some pretty mixed signals from her, and Im quite confused. There are a bunch of reasons I think she might be interested in me and a bunch of reasons she might not be. I hope that you can make more sense of it than I can.

--We have a ton in common with each other
--Shes complimented me a lot (said that I have a nice smile, that Im awesome, inspiring, a great friend, cool, sweet, etc.) and I compliment her a bunch as well
--She gave me her number in case we wanted to text
--We've had a bunch of really good, long conversations (~1-3 hours) on text and on the phone
--She asked me on what seems to be a date, and I asked her on what seemed to be a date (nothing too explicit, but we both said it would be cool, and she even suggested other things we could do when we were done with my idea)
--We always say that we cant wait to meet each other and that well have to show each other this thing or that thing (music, games, places to get such and such food, etc.) at college
--Shes said that we should watch old Disney VHS tapes together
--She apologized for giggling when we talked on the phone
--She offered to help me study for an upcoming test over the phone
--She said that I should never hesitate to talk to her
--She sort of encouraged me to tell my parents about her
--At the end of one of our conversations, she said "un baccione" ("a big kiss" in Italian), and then asked me if I knew what it meant, just to make sure, I guess
--I'm pretty sure she knows I like her, but she hasnt really pulled back

--A number of times shes told me about being really upset about her ex-boyfriend who shes still friends with. She still feels really hurt when she thinks about him and doesn't seem to be quite over him. She's sad because he's been ignoring her a lot and she feels like theyre drifting apart, and has asked me for advice/comfort about it. (She always says she appreciates that I'm there for her.)
--I told her that I would have liked to go to prom with her if she went to my school, and she gave a rather short I might have (fortunately, not much awkwardness ensued)
--We havent even met each other yet
--Im ~2 inches shorter than she is
--This one especially confused me, so if you could mention what you think of it specifically, that would be great: Today I was talking to her and telling her something I was sad about. She tells me that she's there for me, etc., and was really nice about it. Then she totally changed the subject (I guess in an effort to cheer me up), and after about 2 minutes goes on to tell me how much fun she recently had watching a movie with her ex-boyfriend (who has been a real jerk to her in that past). What is that? I mean, she knows I'm sad already. I went to her because I wanted someone to talk to. Is she trying to be cruel and make me absolutely miserable? Is she trying to make me jealous?

I really hope that wasn't too long...with that information in mind, I would just like your opinion on what I mean to her at this point, and possibly some advice on what to do in the future (especially regarding that last point...)  Thank you so much!


Hi Luke,

Short answer..hard to say :)

Why haven't you met? I would set a date to meet and see how it goes. Nothing crazy, just coffee or a quick lunch maybe. Have you asked her to meet?

I think that's the only way to really see where things go. You cant date just by talking and texting.

Take it slow at first and just keep is casual. She still likes her bf and is probably confused. I don't think she was trying to make you jealous. She probably just thought she would change the subject to try and cheer you up. Dont read too much into anything right now.

Good luck and make that move!


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