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Teen Dating Issues/Lying? Judging?


Dear Sandi,
First of all, thank you for taking the time to read my question:) I really hope you answer it, but I know how busy you can probably get, I hope to receive great advice from you!:)
  To start off, me and my boyfriend haven't been dating long. I'm 16. I come to you for advice today mainly because people are judging my relationship. I don't see why it's any of their business, some people judge him from his past, and some know him, some just judge to be judging. This leads to the question, could he possibly be lying to me? He texts me all day, calls me at least once a day, talks about buying me cute things, even buys me stuff sometimes, remembers the little things I say, talks about me with his friends, he can definitely tell me why he likes me, and and genially consistent with reason, he cares about making an impression on my parents, he misses me a lot, he makes me smile like crazy and extremely happy, even his mom knows about us, and I don't see her even letting him date two girls at once. I'm not exactly sure what his past is, which I'm going to ask, but.. From the things I say he does, does it seem like he'd lie to Me? Cheat on me? And last question... How do I deal with these people judging us? Is it possible he's changed from whatever? How [would] I know he's lying?
I understand that you may not be able to answer every question thoroughly, but I'd really appreciate it if you try:)



It's always possible that he could be lying. I would follow your heart and instinct. If you really feel he is not lying and is sincere then great. Don't listen to your friends, they might just be jealous. I would also consider who is a true friend to you. Good luck and please let me know how it goes


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