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Teen Dating Issues/I need advice on this girl i saw at prom. Please Help!


so i went to my junior prom and i was walking around during the entire prom night trying to find a date to dance with but utterly failed so when it ended i saw my friend, Cedra and asked her if she would take pictures with me. she said "yeah" and told me to wait a moment . Her friend, Kaitlyn told me a little after that Cedra wasn't in the mood at the moment and told me she would take pictures with me. i said okay and she asked my named and i said Dakota and we went outside the ball room and came to the table to pay my money for the pictures and she after we took the pictures i told her thank you and she said "oh, your welcome Dakota!" so i then asked her nervously if i could call her and she said "yeah, you can call me." she said "My friends call me Katiee but my real name is Kaitlyn." she took my receipt for the pictures and wrote her number on the back. Cedra and her friend Asha were waiting as they were riding together and she had to leave so we both said bye and i left the prom. i went to the junior lock-in that my school had and i saw her at the ticket machine and i asked her it she was having a good time and she said yes so i asked her if i could call her this weekend and she said "my parents took my phone away because of my low grades but you can call anyway just in case." and i said okay and we said our goodbyes. from that day to present, we nearly say Hi to each other everyday if we pass by the other in the hallway. i had gotten the pictures from prom and asked her if she wanted one and said said "yes" so the next two or three days i came to her at her locker and showed her the pictures and she picked her one and the bell for class was three minutes away so she told me to have a nice day and i told her to do the same and she said thank you. I'm starting to like her and i want to talk to her more. do you think i should ask Cedra in my class if she has a boyfriend or should i ask her myself? should i ask her if she wants to hang out?

No, Dakota, I don't.  I don't ever think asking a friend for info on a friend of theirs is wise.  As for the girl, don't rush it.  Just be her friend, and also, don't hover.  Let her know you are friendly but busy with your life, but you will make time for her when you can.  THAT is what girls like.  They don't like being overly appreciated, because it can feel suffocating, especially early in a friendship.  Secondly, they want to like you as a friend before they can consider thinking of you as a boyfriend, so if you ask her too early if she has a boyfriend, she'll think you are rushing.

I'm really glad to hear you went to the prom and worked through the evening by building on your friendships!  It sounds like you turned "lemon" into "lemonade!" Now, keep sweetening the deal by working on enriching your life, staying busy, and being a young man of strong, admirable values.

Best to you!!


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