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first of all i know its alot to read but plz help
i like this guy i might even love him,we met in novmber something like that he's in my school im 14 he's 16
we started talking and stuff on facebook and then we started to talk at school,and we became really close(i liked him from the begning)
anyways one of my best friends(his bestfriend as well)told me that he likes me alot.
in march me and him went to eat some yogurt after school he offered me his jacket btw:),i told him i have feelings for him he told me that he does too but he has so many exams and tests and he has to study so much so we wont be able to talk and hang out(he's an exellent student he studies ALOT)
after that we talked at school and texted but now he still has 3 more big tests and were not talking
our mutual friend told me he's thinking about "us" being togther
i hate it so much when we dont talk i feel like im losing him and i dont want that cuz he's so perfect for me,when we were out we talked without stopping about so many deep things and i will never find anyone like him cuz we get each other
so many cute-sweet things like he brought me a hear-shaped chocolate on valentines,he tolles me he misses me,he tells his girl-friends about me,he told me that the color of my eye is wonderful,he heugged me alot when i told him i have feelings for him and so much more
i called him 2 days ago but he didnt answer or text
im so afraid of losing him but it always makes me sad when he doesnt answer,i get so confused cuz one hand i have so many proofs that he likes me but i just dont know sometimes i think he's upset with me or that one of his friends told him something bad or lied to him about me idk
and summer vaction is spoused to be fun but im always thinking bad stuff that could happen

Hi Shayna,

I think you should back off a bit and trust what he says. It doesn't sound like he has given you any reason to not trust him. Give him some space and let him get through these tests. If things dont change after that then you will have to decide if you want to continue to wait for him or move on.

Good luck! :)


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