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Ok, so last year, i had a crush on this girl like in the middle of summer brk. I didnt really have the confidence to talk to her, so i just like kept it a crush. Then in Later, ii Facebook messaged her, and eventually got her number (by Facebook messaging) thn i texted her, thn later i texted her that i liked her. It didnt really go anywhere. I still text her, but dont really speak to her. I've made hr laugh, but thts when we happened to be in the same area talking to a group of people. So i need you to tell me how to approach her and strike up a conversation, and how to keep that conversation alive. If you could tell me how to this, i think i could do the rest, as i have talked with many girls but without this problem


Do you plan on talking to her in person? I think that would be the best option for you. Just keep it simple and light. Say hello..ask her hoe she is doing. Think of a topic you can bring up that might allow to talk to her for a few minutes. Just enough to spark her interest. Then leave and wait for the next opportunity. I wouldn't ask her out for away.

Good luck


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