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So I Have This Crush, He Knows I Like Him & It Seems Like He Likes Me Too. Ever Sence I've Told Him I Liked He's Been Some What Sweeter When I See Him. I've Known Him For Years & I've Dated A Couple Times. I Want Him Back. But Just As I Was Gaining The Confidence To Ask Him Out He Gets Into A Relationship With A Close Friend. What Do I Do ? I Reallg Like Him :(

Hi Jacqueline,

If he knew you liked him and he showed signs that he liked you as well, and then goes out and starts dating someone else...not cool on his part. I think you should either just be friends and stop thinking of him as anything more. Or talk to him about this and find out why he did what he did.

Either way I would go out and have fun and maybe even find someone else to date :)


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