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Teen Dating Issues/I got a girl extremely pissed at me.


So I've had this friend maybe a year ago. We were very close friends, she even had a crush on me.
So now I've got her ''Whatsapp'' name and decided to start talking to her. However, when i tried to add her, she declined my friend request. I don't know why she didn't accept it.
So my friend got her on ''whatsapp'' so i tried to talk to her by sending him messages which he sends to her. But she never responded so i sent my friend a picture which he sent to her and that picture said like ''piss off''
Now she's mad at me and i really regret my actions i wrote an apology, but she responded

''You think you can just say sorry and I will be your friend again? You told me to piss off so I did and you come back to asking for forgiveness...sort your life out prick! It's pathetic, I'm not going to pretend like it never happened just so you can feel better about yourself. You are pathetic.''

Now i need to know how to make her forgive me

Hi Daniel,

Wow...her response seems a bit over the top. She did basically ignore you for no good reason. She could have least told you why she didn't want to add you and why she did not respond at all.

Honestly I would leave her alone and don't talk to her anymore. You have apologized and that's all you can do.  


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