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Teen Dating Issues/Is this girl for me or should i go for any girl at all?


so there is this girl, Noelle, who I've known since 9th grade and is very popular and known by nearly everyone in the school especially the junior/soon to be senior class. I'm among this class, sixteen, known by people in my class but not widely talked about. I've tried to ask out girls that Noelle is friends with and therefore leads here to hang out with all her friends this summer. Me, alone doing nothing this summer, depressed for pretty much every single day,sitting on the couch watching TV when i'm supposed to work on my personal project that could new worldwide sport and continue writing down my report for how to get Noelle. it has the ways to initiate and what she's like in order to approach her the right way but alas i have no experience in girls. absolutely zero, I've never had a girlfriend, no first kiss either. Noelle knows i exist, when i say hi to her she says my name. i had tried to figure out what i like in a girl as to find out if I've been going at it the wrong way and i found out i like cheery and bubbly types and i tried to see if there were any girls that i knew that fit that description and Noelle popped in my head realized she fits just that. Noelle is always happy and smiling and having a good time and is very nice and open. she's fit with six pack abs and can accessorize with a variety of clothes, looking beautiful every time. she is also senior class vice president and very active in sports like soccer and other things. I've done nothing whatsoever in my years in high school, and i don't know why. we are two very different complete opposites and she is all i think about now, i mean i'm starting to have dreams about her. i want to hang out with her this summer but i don't have her number and those dreams have me frozen when i see her wishing i was able to ask her for her number. a friend told me i should ask her and talk to her about that and if she fits cheery and bubbly, go for it. i wish i could but i have extremely low self esteem and hate my own self because i think i'm unattractive and moody even though some girls tell me that i'm not ugly. the mall is the most common place to see students from my school and is the best thing I've come up with to seeing her and its either that or wait until school starts back. i don't know if i should go and ask her to a date or not because she doesn't seem to have a boyfriend as she didn't have a date to the junior prom, as i see that extremely impossible for a beautiful, gorgeous girl to go alone. i'm completely lost here. What should i do?

Hi Dakota,

I understand you have low self esteem but you just have to go for it! :)

Find a good time when you can talk to her alone and give your phone number and tell her you would like to hang out sometime. Now the ball is in her court. If she wants to then she can call you, if not well then you have lost nothing.

The key is to not do this in front of her friends.

Good luck and please let me know if you want to chat more


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