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i saw a guy once, he didn't notice me and then i added him on facebook asking him if he was there and i told him i saw him there and stuff. He said this was our event, i asked him whats his job and he didn't answer. then i didn't say anyting! two weeks passed then i saw a picture of him holding a cup so i sent him a message saying congratulations on the championship and he said thank you dear. you know i know he doesn't know me well so it's okay what he's doing. he doesn't answer except if i ask a question! otherwise he just wouldn't answer. I'm dying to talk to him, but it's gonna be so awkward if i talk again! i want him to talk to me. i don't know where he hangs out! PLEASE HELP MEEEEE!!

Hi Yasmine,

I think you need to tell him who you are and just start a conversation with him. Does he know what you look like? You just have to keep putting yourself out there and see what happens. He might not be interested but that's ok too.


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