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Teen Dating Issues/Have i messed it up with this girl? Is it worth trying again? Please reply soon!


Dear Abhi,

Wednesday is the last day of school for me. Ever. (Thank goodness!) As i'm 18, i'll be off to university this september where i can really start practising this sort of thing.

However, I used to have (and still have) a big crush on a girl in the year below (she's 17, so she has another year of school to go -oh and the age of consent here in the UK is 16, so everything is okay).
I never shared a class with her or anything, but when i saw her in the common room i would smile at her, and do nothing because i was too scared what she and other people would think if i went up to her. I need a reason to talk to a girl, i wasn't used to just saying hi, because that usually caused them to look at me, probably thinking 'what does this crazy guy want? Go away'.

But knowing this could be the last time i see her has given me the courage of approaching her for the first time yesterday (though we did meet briefly by chance a few months ago, so we know each other's names. But this was the first time i approached her).
I didn't have the courage to flirt with her at all, simply because i didn't believe i was in with a chance. I thought she must have got creeped out me by now, so we just had a standard, boring conversation.

When i spoke to her, she seemed genuinely interested in talking to me. We talked for about 2 minutes, just talking about school.
She laughed a lot and smiled throughout the whole conversation. But i think that might be just a girl thing, because a lot of girls in my school are very 'smiley'. Especially when they're nervous.
She held eye contact with me the whole time. I was too weak to hold eye contact so long, so i kept breaking eye contact.
She was facing towards me when i spoke to her and seemed to have positive body language.
She left because she was late for her bus. Not because she was fed up with me.

So, judging on those two minutes, i think that maybe it is possible for me to get her number.

What happened today:

Well, i came back from school during lunchtime. I had a shower, brushed my teeth again, put some deodorant on and even used my sister's mud mask to make my face all glowy and healthy.
When i went back to school at the end of lunchtime however, i couldn't see her. Neither did i see her in between lesson time. I waited for her at the end of school for 5 minutes, but i thought 'oh well, she's not going to turn up. i'll give it one more go tomorrow'. And gave up for today.

Though when i went back from the car park, i went past her dad's car (i saw her getting into that car in the past) and realised she must still be in the school. I walked down the avenue that led to the car park and saw her just walk past me! I really didn't expect that at all and since i was caught off guard i needed to improvise. So i turned to her and this was the following conversation:

Me: Hey Melissa! (That's her name)
Her: Hey
Me: Are you busy now? (Though her dad's car was just 50metres away. I was too nervous to say anything else).
Her: I have to go now, sorry. See you tomorrow
Me: Do you mind if we can meet up tomorrow?
Her: Er...why?
Me: Um...
Her: i don't know
Me: Are you free tomorrow lunchtime, or after school?
Her: I think i have to meet someone then.
Me: Oh, okay. Well i see you tomorrow maybe.
Her: Bye

That conversation lasted about 20 seconds. She was still smiling the whole time, but i think the smiling was due to being a girl, or nervous, rather than being glad to talk to me.

What do i do? Tomorrow's the last time i could see her :( Thanks for reading all of this



It's too hard to judge if she is into you or not. She could be smiling for any reason, but since you are obviously into her and tomorrow's the last time you will see her I think you should ask her out. You have nothing to lose anyway and it's better than wondering what your could have been. I'd say go for it! Sorry, can't give much advice except this.

Hope this helps.


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