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Teen Dating Issues/Is my boyfriend moving to fast physically?


Hi Sandi,

Me and my boyfriend are both 17. I met him only a month ago through mutual friends. We've texted almost every day since then and we've hung out 3 times. The first time we just made out. The second time we made out and he touched my boobs over my shirt. The 3rd time which was this week, we decided to be an official couple. We went out to dinner, then after at his house we made out on his bed and he took his and my shirt off. He asked me to take my bra off and I said no at first because I felt a tiny bit uncomfortable. After making out some more, he asked me again and I said ok. So we just made out without our shirts.

It's not that I feel uncomfortable, I mean I like being physical, but I was just wondering if our relationship is gonna last if we just get physical to soon. Whats your opinion? Do you think he's going to fast? And is it true that if you go too fast too soon then the relationship won't last as long? I really like him and he said he likes me but part of me wonders if that's really true or if he is just using me for my body. But I also wonder if he really does like me and that's why he wants to be more intimate with me.


Hi Nabilah,

Well guys like I'm sure he likes you. That doesn't mean you should have sex with him though. You need to do what you feel comfortable doing. If you don't want to move this fast then make sure you let him know. You are in control of your feelings and your body, not him.

Maybe you should slow down and see how he reacts. If he really likes you then he should be ok with slowing down and respecting your feelings


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