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Hi, I'm Dakota and I'm 16 years old. I've wondered for a while if there is a girl in my school that i actually have a chance with and have been pouncing around it quite a bit. you see, I'm going to be in 12th grade in august and i want to have my first girlfriend in high school. so far the only  girls I've liked were very well known and popular and one girl, Ariel, launched to where nearly where everyone in 11th grade last year knew who i was. i really liked Ariel, and we have known each other since 9th grade but in 11th grade, i had puppy love for her. I'd have to say that throughout that year I've spent probably $150-$200 in gifts for her like valentine's and Christmas and just because. we're friends now and I'm just by myself. there is one occasion where this summer, i had to take summer school for the graduation test for next year and Ariel and other friends that i know have noticed me. when i was sitting in class i hear Cedra tell her friends "ooh,look at Dakota." and they laughed as they went to their classroom next door. also, when i saw Ariel and the her friends i waved hi and i heard Jessica say "He won't even give you a hug?" as i walked by. so i turned around and gave Ariel a hug while her friends smiled at me. i don't know what any of this means but i really want a girlfriend and i don't know who to choose or who hang out with. can you help me please/

Hi Dakota,

You shouldn't force anything. If you see a girl you like then start talking to her. Take it slow and dont worry so much about finding someone to date. Eventually someone will come along and you will click with her. Then when you feel the time is right ask her out.

Good luck!


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