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So there's this new girl at our restaurant shes really cute but every guy i work with likes her. i didn't like her because everyone wanted her and she was getting showered with attention. so i was being friendly. only a few days have passed and there has been some heavy flirting,every time we look into each others eyes i cant help but wanting to rip her cloths off. i think the feeling is mutual she licks her lips when where looking at each other she also looks at my lips to. she talk really dirty she says shes a freak behind closed doors. we play fight at times and shes says she likes when im aggressive. she plays with the broom and starts jerking it and tells me she can ride sticks. she likes to help me clean and she says things like Im getting all wet and dirty for you. I told her to call me daddy and she does. she likes hitting and touching me i confronted her about and she didn't deny it. she does all these things to no one but me. did i mention she has a boyfriend. it doesn't bother me because i don't like her i just want to get physical. do you think she wants me also? this seems so surreal i just wanted someone else's opinion, just to make sure I'm not delusional. what should i do?

Hi Steve,

My opinion is she might like you and might even want to get physical with you...but...I wouldn't do anything if I were you. How would you feel if she was your gf and another guy was pushing to have sex with her? It's not cool for her to be flirting with you and talking dirty with you when she has a bf.


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