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okay, I'm 17. my girlfriend and I have been dating since April, we've known each other since August and we started being romantically involved in December. I'm her first boyfriend and we're love each other, honestly. we've loved each other since before we started dating. its every summer, I take a trip to Maryland to visit family and it's more or less my vacation. I left June 28th. starting around July 1st, she's been really distant and really cold to me. and when I asked her whats wrong, she told me "I've just been miserable since you left. I feel so distant from you. it's so weird. I just feel empty, etc" and we've have multiple conversations about it. I'm like "I think everything'll be great when I come back. we'll be alright." lately, it seems like we've been doing a lot of arguing. she's in a summer acting program where all these guys flirt with her. and I acknowledged my distaste for it a few weeks ago. but she was like "don't worry about them. you're the only guy for me, I love you with all my heart, these guys aren't an issue." 3 weeks later, I find out this ONE kid has been flirting with her and she's like, not shunning him like everyone else. On Saturday, she told me she had a dream and she told me in the dream she cheated on me with him. that ALREADY had me hot, then on Sunday, she gave him her number when she asked for it. I'm like "I don't like him." she's like "you only don't like him because I'm subconsciously attracted to him." and then she goes "honestly, I'm consciously attracted to him." and I'm just like wtf...if there's someone I KNOW I'm attracted to, I avoid any extended interaction with them. obviously, she has to see him everyday regardless because of the show (which ends Friday), but to give him her number felt like a HUGE slap in the face to me. especially after what she told me. now, since he got her number, he texts her like "your bf is a lucky guy," "if you didn't have a boyfriend..." and she's like "honestly, I think you're really attractive and you're a great guy but that doesn't change the fact that I already have someone." and I'm just like why would you tell him that? He's been trying to kiss her and make plans to hang out with her. and I KNOW she thinks he looks good. she's promised me over and over "I'm not going to cheat on you. I'm not an idiot. I promise." but I'm still scared. I trust her, but I don't trust him. I've asked her to not interact with him anymore after the show and she said she wouldn't. I don't ask her for much. at all. all I've been is faithful to her and she's been great to me up until these last few weeks and I just need advice on what to do.

Hi Greg,

Sounds like you have a gf that doesn't really care about your feelings. I find it very disrespectful that she would give him her number. Dating is about finding the person that has the qualities you are looking for. She doesn't sound like that person. I will say this, I think its good that she is telling you all this and being truthful with you. In the end you have to decide if she is worth it


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