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hi me and my ex broke up a few weeks ago coz we are better as friends and we both agreed to remain friends and we were talking good and we organised to meet up to watch a movie and a few days before that he told me he needed space and time to think and hes confused so we didnt meet up and its been a bit over a week what do you think it means? does he still have feelings for me if he wanted to meet up? what do i do? i still have feelings for him


It might be that he still has feelings for you and finds it difficult to be your friend. Or he might just not be comfortable thinking about you as a friends and needs some time to adjust. You can try talking to him about it and try to work out a solution. If you still have feelings for him and want to be with him maybe you can try hinting towards it to see if he feels the same. But you should also consider the reason that you two broke up and if that is still an issue.

I hope this helps.


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