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So I work with this guy who is about twice my age, I'm 17 and he is 30. I love how I can be myself around him and how we can just talk and have a really good time at work together. At first I thought that it was me who was reading into things with us but coworkers have said that he has flirted with me before. He makes me feel beautiful the way he smiles at me and he is just so easy to talk to. I can honestly say I have never liked a guy this much before and no guy has ever made me feel like this before either. No one agrees with me even talking to him let alone flirt with him but I can't get him out of my head, I really don't know what to do, please help.

Hi Tash,

My first concern would be any legal issues. I'm not a lawyer and don't know the laws but it may not be a good idea to do anything.

My second concern is his age. No 30 year old guy should be pursuing a 17 year old. I understand you having feelings for him but he should no better.

My opinion is just stay friends. Not even sure "friends" is the appropriate thing to say as I don't think a 30 year old guy needs to be friends with a 17 year old. :)

Hope that helps and please write me back if you want to chat more


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