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So i am interested in 2 guys ones name is William and we have secretly liked eachother for two years since we last dated and now school is starting again and the other guy in interested in named Ben asked me to homecoming and i said yes... but i want to date one of them but which do i choose????

Hey Olivia,

Thanks for writing in and dropping a word. It takes a lot to open up about issues in the back of the mind and when its related to our heart, it takes guts to pen down left alone talk with someone about the same. I appreciate your gesture in pouring your heart felt emotions and seeking a helping hand for the same, which clearly reflects that how much you devoted towards your relationship and want to make it smoother at any cost. Kudos to you !!!

Well, in today's practical world you don't need to just see who loves you and cares for you. You need to choose that guy who has never asked you to cut down your wishes, desires, always motivated you, made attempts to be with you and never tried to dominate you. Your major weakness is that you get carried away easily with others strong and soothing wordings. The guys know that you are quite intelligent and beautiful for them and no guy even tries to loose such a gal in hand. But you don't have to lose mental peace in emotional way, but choose the best one. Sure there would be broken hearts, but to keep others heart can you compromise on your life?No, you can't. It's unfortunate such thing has to happen, but you need to pick yourself up, sit alone and decide your priorities. Realize who can stand by you for longer run and with whom you would never regret adjusting in life with.

Just go out and give your best and  things would fall in place...

All the best !!

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Bringing smiles on the faces on the way .....

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