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Im 16, a junior in high school.  I've had this 'thing' with this guy Ive known since middle school.  We havent done anything, not even kissed but he always says he likes me and hes basically been in love with me for awhile.  He's had a couple girlfriends in high school and I've had one boyfriend.  We've both been single for awhile now.  I don't know my feelings for him.  He's not really 'attractive' and he drives me crazy sometimes (he can be clingy and high mantinence) but I continue to text and hang out with him.  He told me awhile ago that he wanted to go to homecoming with me.  We were planning on going to his high schools homeoming (we go to different schools).  He just texted me saying he wants to take another girl (his ex girlfriend) to his HC and go with me to my HC.  His homecoming is October 4 and mine is October 12.  Im mad at myself for being hurt by him.  Im having mixed feelings but im definately sad.  Does this mean I like him? Should I still go with him to homecoming?  If I dont go with him I probably wont have a date at all.  And then I wont want to go to homecoming alone.  I also get embarassed when introducing guys to friends or family, especially because hes not really attractive and were like the same height.  I know its shallow but theres a lot of factors playing into this right now.  Another thing is he said hes not going to ask me.  He basically did it by text and hes not doing anything special or cute.  Im concerned about this other girl hes taking.  What if something happens between them at their HC and then he doesnt want to go with me the next weekend.  I dont even like homecoming that much.  I like getting dressed up and getting ready (which ill barely have time for now because I also have a swim meet before the dance) and I like the after party.  The dance is alright but I find grinding awkward especially because Im not a fan of dancing and I get really insecure about my height.  I feel like im over thinking all of this but Im so confused.  Please tell me what to do.  I just feel like its going to be awkward with him and my friends.


Hi Bree,

I think its fine to be jealous he is going with another girl. I don't think it means you like him in a boyfriend type of way. What girl wouldn't be a little jealous if a guy picked another girl.

I also don't really like this Its not cool for him to ask you and then turn around and tell you sorry I'm asking someone else. AND to do that over text. He sounds kind of shallow and heartless.

If I were you I would be completely honest with him. Tell him he is a jerk for doing what he did and that you don't want him going to HC with you.

Good luck and please let me know how it goes


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