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Teen Dating Issues/Should I keep trying to get my crush?


I am crushing on this guy, Senior, most popular in school (We'll call him Crush) and I don't really know what to do. I don't really know him and that's a HUGE problem for me. Let me explain my story...
 At the end of the last school year I told my friend(We'll call her Bestie) and she ended up telling her boyfriend(We'll call him Boyfriend), who happened to be my crushes friend. So after Boyfriend realized who it was I begged him not to say anything, which he agreed...but he said something anyway. My crush found out and I guess he liked me too cuz he actually came up to me after school that day to talk and guess what happened; I froze up. smh. I was with Bestie and her Boyfriend but I was waay more insecure at that time than i am now so i was EXTREMELY nervous and caught off guard. He said hi and I promise I tried my hardest to say hi (and I actually thought I did) but all that came out was "ah". So I'm standing there, mouth gaping open, looking like a dummy. I just couldnt figure anything to say. So it got awkward quick and we didnt say anything to eachother. About five minutes later he finally said bye and told me he'd talk to me later. Mess-up number one. But it got worse from there.
I sent him msges (through facebook) I regret (basically displaying my insecurities)but he said it's ok, "chill"...then I tried to talk to him mistook a complaint about someone to be about me so I went off on him (through facebook) and he ended up laughing, telling me it wasn't about me then gave me another chance even though lowkey he thought I was stalking him though when I wasn't. Over time I built trust in Boyfriend but he displayed my insecurities all over social network. Crush didn't really say much about what Boyfriend displayed though...*sighs* this is tiresome.
 I want to get to know Crush but I can't stop messing stuff up. And I'm tired of asking for extra chances. I feel so embarrassed and although I think he'll give me extra chances, and  he's not the type to talk about me ( I think), I feel so worn out and embarrassed.
 I know over did things but should I still try to get to know him? It's not even about relationships cuz making that the goal is too much but just trying again, would it be a good option? And if so, any advice going forth?


It shouldn't be about him giving you a second or third chance. If he likes you then he shouldn't care what you might say or do because your nervous.

I think you should get to know him better. I think you should find a time to go up to him when he is alone and talk to him. Sounds scary I know but you can do it. You don't want the distraction of other people around. Just think about a couple of topics you want to talk about. have a few questions in mind you may want to ask him. Just pretend he is your friend and you are having a normal conversation.

Good luck! Be strong and smile. Have fun! :)


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