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So this girl, Shundreya, is in my economics class and i have feelings for her. i mean i think she is absolutely gorgeous and want to go out with her. well, to start myself off, i decided to say hi when she came in the door before class started and she said "Hey, how are you doing?" and i took me a minute to realize she said that to me and when she looked back at me i said "good, how are you?" and she said "eh, I'm okay." today we had a pep rally after economics and hundred left early to the gym as she was a cheerleader. while i was in the stands watching the pep rally, i see her with the line of cheerleaders and somehow i just couldn't take my eyes off of her for too long. its just that she is so beautiful and she was looked stunning in her cheerleader uniform. i want to go out with her and want to know how i should begin. i know one of her friends but should i start with her or what? help me Please! What should i do?

Hi Dakota,

You should do what your doing and keep it going. Go up to her and say hi. Carry on a conversation with her for a few minutes. Smile, be polite and nice to her. If things go well then eventually you should ask her for her phone number and if you can call her sometime. Take it slow...good luck!


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