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Teen Dating Issues/What do I do now??


I suppose before I go launching into my problematic story, I should give a little background.
Okay, well, nearly four years ago I met the literal love of my life. I didn't believe in soul mates or that kind of thing, but I honestly believe we belong together. Now, when we met I had no clue we would end up together, much less this deeply in love.
In the early months of our friendship we got to know a great deal about each other. Now for three and a half of those four years he's been a sort of vent for me. A much needed one at that. I struggled deeply with depression and anxiety due to several family issues, a few of which I'm sure ill share here as well.
So, this guy (let's call him Andy) and I have seen each other though tick and then. Bad relationships, rough breakups, bumpy roads. We've been returning best friends for most of our four years together.
He's now the closest person I have. He knows more than my own parents, and helps me more than they do as well.
I can't possibly see my life without him. He's a large part of my life, and even a large part of me.
We decided we wanted very much to be together romantically almost a year ago, but due to certain circumstances we had planned on waiting for an exclusive relationship.
Not too long after we decided to wait we realized we couldn't.
I couldn't do much of anything without thinking of him.
I boy couldn't hit on me without me mentally pointing out every way "Andy" was better.
So we decided to go ahead and try to pursue an exclusive relationship.
The previous preventive circumstances did still apply, greatly limiting our relationship.
One of the circumstances being age.
He's nineteen years of age while I'm just sixteen. Making our relationship technically illegal.
Another one being distance.
I reside in West Texas with my aunt and overbearing, ignorant, controlling, rude, disrespectful uncle, while he's in Nevada.
Despite these stressors we carried on an otherwise fabulous relationship. All summer we talked, skyped and messages each other. He's been a perfect boyfriend.
We had been together for over five months when my uncle went snooping through my things and found a thread of our texts. When he realized how serious our relationship had become, he told my aunt and they've since prevented me from having any further contact with "Andy"
While I've finally convinced them to consider letting us at the very least remain friends, even if the only time we talk is under their strict supervision.
My controlling problem is, what do I do until then? It's been almost two weeks since this occurred.
I miss him terribly. I cry a lot and I constantly feel out of control. He kept me balanced.
I have no friends because of my recent move, so I have no one to vent to any more.
I'm just very unsure of how to deal with all of this.

Hi Brittani,

Sorry to hear things are so bad for you right now. I understand you are very close with Andy. need to be ok with not talking to him for awhile. You need to get things straightened out in your life if possible. You only have a couple of years left before you can move out. Heck you could move out now if you had the means. I would get a job and start saving money. Get out that bad environment your in as soon as you can. If Andy loves you he will wait for you.

Good luck and please let me know how things go. Be strong and keep thinking about the end goal, to move out on your own. :)


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