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QUESTION: Okay so I am 18 and will be goin to college soon. I have been dating a wonderful awesome great guy for two years. Here's the problem.
His mothers health is not good and doctors say she does not have long. My boyfriend has an 8 yr old sister and it has just been the 3 of them since his dad dies. HE HAS NO OTHER FAMILY. So if his mom dies he is all his little sister has. Both of us our going to college soon and my boyfriend is wealthy enough to hire a nanny to take care of the girl til we graduate.
Here's the REALLY BIG PROBLEM. My bf has made it clear that as soon as we graduate if I agree to marry him his little sister will be living with us.
I don't want to be 23 raiseing a 13 or 14 year old.
So my question is should I just break up with him. I love him and want to support him but idk wat to do.

ANSWER: Hi Diamond,

Why do you have to marry him so soon? I think if you feel like he is the right guy then you should continue to date him but dont get married right now. You are both asking for trouble to get into a situation like this


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Why do i want to get marrief so soon? Because we have known each other since child hood and i have always wanted to be married by the age 23, and since I have no intrest in going out to party and clubbing. I don't see ejat i would be missimg out own by getting married at 23.
Thanks for replying back so quicky.

Hey Diamond,

I saw your feedback and wanted to clarify a few things.

You don't know how old I am or how old the picture is in my profile.

I am not trying to change your moral views at all. I am simply telling you that people change, especially in their late 20's and 30's. I am certainly not saying your going to want to go out and party. It's a known fact that people who marry at a very young age have a much larger chance of getting divorced. I wouldn't want you to have to fall into that category. Then you put on top of that having a teenager living with you AND going to college? I just think your asking for trouble.

The fact that you are judging me based on my profile picture really shows your age and how immature you are. That tells me your probably not ready for marriage and the responsibility of raising a teenager.

I honestly wish you good luck in whatever you decide


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