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HI, I'm Dakota and I'm in 12th grade and i like this girl also in my grade named Ke'La. I'm 17 and she's 18. We've known each other since 9th grade and at first she wanted to go out with me in 9th grade but i didn't know really how to respond to it so she was hurt by it and she just sort of brushed it off and we've been nice to each other ever since. we really mostly say hi to each other when i wave at her and she waves back. i have her 3rd, 4th period and i see her at the front desk of the school at the end of the day. i think she is the most gorgeous girl I've ever seen and i think her personality is amazing. i want her to be my girlfriend but I'm really nervous about how it will turn out. is she taken, does she want to go that far, is she even interested in me? sometimes she comes up to me smiling and asks if i have a dollar i could spare and when i do she says thank you and when i don't i say sorry and she says its okay. i really don't want to lose her because literally every day I'm always thinking about her and i care about her. what should i do? how can i tell if she's interested in me? should i ask her or just invite to hang out? should i tell her how i feel? Thanks for your help!

Dakota, it sounds like a friendship - and a good one at that.  Since she is taken, I'd suggest that you keep it at just that, friends. Anything else could ruin the foundation of what you do have in an effort to build something you aren't even sure is right.

But you named at least two things that you like about her.  Perhaps you should try to list a few more details (honesty, compassion, friendly, etc), and then find a girl who is NOT taken and focus your efforts on her.  

Lastly, by keeping her as a close friend, if she does become available, you'll be one of the first to know, and THEN you can decide if you are comfortable moving in.

I wish you the VERY best!


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