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What does this tell you about a man? He is in his late 30ís and has sex with 16-year-old girls? Reason local law enforcement told him that this is legal to have sex with 16 year old girls. Before he has sex with a 16-year-old girl, he has local police very they are of legal age. He also knows that he does not have to pay child support because his income is below a certain level, because he asked a lawyer, who is familiar with the local child support laws. This is not the United States.

It tells me he's selfish.  He is preying on females who are half his age because he lacks the confidence to be with someone nearer his age.  Girls at 16 are just trying to figure out their identities.  They don't understand sex or relationships.  They don't even understand themselves.  They look like women, but they are not.  After he's finished with them, they are just as confused, if not more so, and now they're much more likely to have altered ideas about their identities.

HE plays the system.  He thinks he's smart because he knows legal boundaries, but that doesn't make him safe.  He's messing with people's little girls and with girls' futures.  I'm not envisioning a guy who is walking around with his head held high, bragging openly about his exploits.  I'm envisioning a guy who may have had a really hard upbringing, has very low self-esteem, had poor male (possibly female, too) role models, and cannot function in society.  He will probably never have a normal relationship or a normal sex life.

Why do you ask?  Has he fathered children with these girls?  How do you know him or know of him?

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