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Teen Dating Issues/I think I'm in love with a Junior


Hey, I'm 14(Freshman) and the girl I like is 16(Junior). She's amazing. Down to earth, fun too be with, and the best person I've yet too meet. I've known her for 4 months and we've been talking and enjoying each others company. Should I ask her out? And I just think if I tell her how I want her to know how I feel about her. It'll be too much yah feel me. I wanna ask her out Friday if it's all good that day. We also live in the same neighborhood. We go to the same school too. I just need some advice You have any ideas on how I should approach or ask in perticuler?

Hi Justin

What is your gut feeling on how she feels about you? Do you think she likes you more then friends? I think after 4 months you should simply ask her out. Dont make it some big thing. I would just say something like, "we have been talking for 4 months now and I like you. I would like to take you out on a date." She how that goes. Good luck!


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