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Teen Dating Issues/Boy Troubles!!


Hey Sandi.
Please help me. You see there's this boy that I really like. But people have been b teasing me and him for ages about liking each other.  I don't know if he really likes me. People say he does but I b don't know weather to believe them. You see I have been getting the impression other girls might start getting interested in him. And I get jealous.
Today a boy was screaming Kairu (fake name to protect his privacy) Katy (fake name to protect privacy)
He was shouting Kairu Kathy likes you! And he was pretty much screaming in my ear. I got agitated and yelled at him to shut up. He said I wasn't even talking to you and I said but your screaming in my ear. And I continued to cuss him. When I run into Kathy and her friend at Lunch Break she said omg I didn't even know what they were talking about in scene I don't even like that dude when her friend asked who she said her ex pointing to me. I pointed out he wasn't my ex. But know I am getting worried that she might begin to like him. I really want him to be mine but I am scared to talk to him (we have never ever spoken!)


Forget about all the "stuff" other people are saying. You will need to get over the whole jealous thing too. Even if you get together with him you dont want to be that jealous girl. No one likes that. Why dont you start talking to him? Find some time when you can just spend a few minutes saying hello. Hopefully without others around to say things or tease you. Think of a few topics you can talk to him about. Have a few questions in mind that you can ask him. Good luck and just go for it! :)


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