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So there's this guy and we have been friends for a while now. One of my best friends is in love with him. They don't know anything about each other. They met once in person. They said hi and that all. She tells everyone about him. His lock screen, home screen, and password is him. Everyone at our school thinks him and her are going to date. That's what she tells everyone. He goes to a different school. Him and I have been talking and hanging out allot more now. He told me he likes me and that he has for awhile. I told him how my friend liked him. He doesn't feel the same way towards her, he likes me allot, i'm starting to like him allot. I think we would work out well together. I just don't know what to do. Should i talk to her? She will probably hate me along with everyone else at our school.

Yes, you should talk to her. She is putting all of her effort into making it look like she's with him when in reality, she isn't making any real effort to get to know him.

A romantic relationship is very much like a friendship. How "creepy" would it be for a girl to act like she's friends with another girl just because she meets her once? Of course, you cannot tell your friend she's acting creepy. That would be mean. No, she's just acting like a typical young girl - a little obsessed with someone similar to how we sometimes "crush" on a famous person.

Explain to her that you've always liked him but kept it to yourself because of her interest in him. But now he's pursuing you more, and you would like to be able to return his interest openly. Put it this way: If you want to date him, then ask him out. If you don't ask him out, then you must not be that interested. Or, if you ask him out and he says no, then at least let him go so that you can feel decent about being interested in him.

Whatever you do, do not let a boy come between you and your friend. Friends will always be there; boys will not. It's the friendship rule. Girlfriends first, boyfriends second. Because when you are an adult and marry, it is 115% the OTHER way around. So you need to enjoy your girlfriends while you are young!

I hope this helps!!


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