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"I am a freshman in high school and I really like this guy. I am fairly shy but I'm at the social person, especially when I know the people that I'm hanging out with. This guy is the same age as me. and we have one class period together. He is a little bit hard to approach and seems scary/ dangerous, but i think it's all a facade because I see him laughing and being nice all the time.  He seems shy and sweet and misunderstood which are all things that attract me for some reason. The bad part is, he has a girlfriend. His girlfriend is also my age and she is also in my artclass sitting next to him. She is a little ditzy, but she is pretty and seems to be nice. I do not want to get in between them, and I do not want to pursue my feelings for him yet. But I would like to at least talk to the guy and get to know him a little. I know that he sits with some of the people I know/ I am friends with at lunch. But I also know that his girlfriend sits there too. The people that he hangs out with remind me of the types of people that I would be friends with. This gives me a clue about his personality and the way he is. Anyways, my questions are, how do I start a conversation with this guy and what should I say? Should I even try to get to know him? Do you Have any tips as to how I should approach him? Should I go out to where he sits at lunch to see some of my other friends that also sit with him? Thank you so much. I really appreciate the help. :)"

Hmmm....How would you feel if you were his girlfriend and you saw another girl talking to him and trying to get to know him? I'm not saying you shouldn't do this but just want to make sure you understand how his girlfriend might feel. Who knows, she might care

I think you should just start by a simple hello and introducing yourself. He might already know who you are but that could break the ice a bit. I would think of a couple of topics you could talk to him about. Maybe ask him where he lives or what he does for fun outside of school. Just a few things to start a short conversation with him and to let him know your interested into getting to know him.

Good luck and let me know how it goes!


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