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A boy I have not seen in 5 years has moved back into our school. He remembers who I am and I would like to go to my school dance with him. How do I 1. Get him to like me and 2. Get him to go to the dance with me?

How do you get him to like you? You can't. What I mean is YOU can get him to. That's beyond your control. All you can do is be yourself. If he likes you, great. If he doesn't, nothing you can do will change that.

What makes a person likable? Being understanding of others, tolerant of people's differences, liking yourself but not being obsessed with yourself, living a busy and productive life, being compassionate, having goals and working to obtains them, and so on. Also, no drama.

What makes a person unlikable? Being or acting boy crazy, drama, being nosy, being self-centered, being lazy, and lack of compassion.

How do you get him to go to the dance with you? Have you tried asking him?

Also, focus on being a friend - NOT a girlfriend. Guys LOVE girls who act like one of the guys - NOT girls who act like prissy, obsessive girlfriends. So, that said, ask him to the dance, but ask several other people to go, too. Make it a big group thing, and that way there is no pressure. You're just hanging out like a big group, and that makes it fun for everyone.

I hope my advice helps!


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