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Okay so I really like this guy whom i recently knew. We went out three times. The first time he came and said hi and then left, the second he came and i was with my bestfriend and the third time i was with two of my friends but they left a bit early so i ended up alone with him.
Before the third time he used to talk to me like everyday and even call me for an hour or something. We are only still getting to know eachother.
But after the third time he didnt talk to me until now, what am I supposed to do when he talks? I was thinking of ignoring him if he texts me cause I usually send him something and sometimes he doesn't answer and then he would answer the next day on something completely different.
So i should ignore him right? So i can make him think that I am not easy. Please tell me what to do and do you think he likes me back?

Hi Sarah,

I am not big on playing games like that but maybe in this situation it might be ok :)

It could be that he is playing hard to get as well. Maybe before ignoring him I would talk to him in person and ask him why he doesnt respond to your texts.


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