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I am sixteen years old.I've been in a relationship with "Dean" for almost two years. Yes he can be a normal teenage boy (18 years young) and can get on my very last nerve; however he is very caring. He listens to my problems, gets me cute gifts, is reliable, etc. My problem is lately he has found a new group of friends. I understand why he likes these friends. They are nice to him, do favors for him, and include him in their inner circle. The problem is they do "bad things". They mostly party every weekend drinking and whatnot and drive around in illegal cars. Dean has changed drastically since he has starting hanging around them. He is no longer the caring boyfriend he was. I feel he isn't as driven to get a good job a d focus on school. Worst of all he no longer makes time for me. He wants to be with them every chance he gets. He gets grumpy when I'm upset with him for not making an effort to spend time with me. He acts like a jerk lately and it's slowly breaking my heart. The point of this rambling is: What do I do? I'm not as happy as I was six months ago, but I still love him. Do I let him go and hope he grows up? Or should I stick by him and hope he gets though this phase? We've been working on it but I'm not sure I sense the desire to get our relationship back to where it was from him. Help?

Hi Fran

I think it sounds like it might be time to dump Dean. This is what dating is about, finding the person that shares your likes and dislikes. He might grow up but he may not. Either way I think its time to let him know you are growing apart and should break up. Good luck and please let me know if you need to talk more


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