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Okay so I really like this guy. I'm 18 and he's 21.  we started talking a year ago. Then we really got a bit close to each thee. We went out like three times. But he always showed me how much he wanted to see me.
He showed me that he cared so much about me and guess what happened? All of a sudden he ignores me for no clear reason like he ignored my text message and didn't call for weeks and when I asked him what's wrong he said he knows he doesn't ask but finals are coming up and stuff. I think he's just inventing excuses. He could have at least texted me for minutes.
I think he lose interest and I don't know what to do.
I don't think he'll call me again and I don't want to start a conversation with him but what should I do? What if he talks to me again?
Also his birthday is coming up and I don't know whether to wish him a happy birthday or not. He only told me once about his date of birth so maybe he would think that I'm concentrating on him a. Little too much. what do you think I should do? Please help me, and thanks in advance

I would move on, and if he does contact you again, ignore it.  

To me, friendship is the basis of ALL good relationships, romantic or not romantic.  So, if a guy wants to be friends, he needs to treat you like a friend, and if a guy wants to be a partner, he needs to treat you at LEAST as good as a friend.  Either way, this guy hasn't even given you the most basic show of respect. He has ignored you, and that's not how friends or partners treat each other.

So, be a FRIEND to yourself and move on.  Don't be angry with him.  He didn't do this TO you; he just did it, and you were hurt by it.  So anger won't make it better, but neither will ignoring it and sending him the message that you are ok being treated poorly. Set high standards for yourself, and stick to those standards! If you don't, no one else will think they have to treat you with respect, either.

Lastly, ignore his birthday. You are right that he will get think you are all about him if you bring it up.

Good luck!!


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