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Okay so I've just sent you a question and you replied but I couldn't open my email address to ask you a follow up one.
So I decided to send you another question and I hope you remember me :)
He called me two days ago and he was showing me that I was wrong. He was like I'm the one who calls you on the phone every time and you never called me! And then he said I'm the one who has exams so you're the one who should ask about me and stuff ..
and then he used to tell me about a girl who likes him but he doesn't like her back, I asked him about her and then he said that she told him she's writing a poem for his birthday and she's gonna send it to him on his birthday and he was like .. You should learn from this and I told him I don't know how to write poems and he said you read books and you don't know how to write poem *sarcastic way* and then he was like I'm joking don't bring me anything for my birthday and stuff.
What do you think he wants from me? Should I ignore him again? Should I get him something for his birthday? Can you help me pick him a gift if I'm gonna get him something. I don't know what he likes and I want to get him something that will make him remember me and will make him happy. But if u think I shouldn't get him something then I won't. Please help me. I don't know if he likes me or not and I don't know how should I act with him.
Thanks again :)

I do remember you, Sarah.  

A poem is "her" thing, not yours.  What is your thing? What are you good at? Do you bake, draw, sing, what? Don't let this guy manipulate you into trying to compete with this other girl.  Be your own Sarah.  He's either going to like you for who you are - OR he's not going to like you.  But he can't make you into her.  

My suggestion is to give him something very tiny but very meaningful. For example, make a magnet for him because "opposites attract." Or draw him a picture because you are drawn to his sense of humor.  Little things like that can mean so much more than a gift of monetary value.

But don't put too much into it - too much of yourself, I mean.  I still get the sense he's playing you a bit (bringing up the girl and saying you should learn from this, please!). Don't allow him to play you.  The less "romantic" the gift, the better.  Make him think you've knocked him down to the level of just a friend. Make him work for your attention just a little. Show him that two can play his games, but don't allow it to become mean or vindictive.  He just seems like a guy who will appreciate a girl who can brush a guy off when the guy isn't respectful.

I hope this helps. Let me know if there is anything else.


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