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This is a very great idea. Thank you so much for helping. I was thinking of getting him a cake with his favorite sports team on it, what do you think? The problem is I won't be able to see him on his birthday. Cause he has exams and I'm starting exams so if I give it to him it will be very late. I was thinking of sending the cake to his house but I don't know his exact address. And I thought it's not a very good idea to do this. and he still haven't called me since last time. I shouldn't call him except on his birthday and then I will ignore him and play games just like he does with me.
Do you think he likes me or is he a player?
Please help me I don't know what to do

I wouldn't get him a cake. That's a privilege reserved for mothers. A nice cookie or a book or music CD would be thoughtful.

I do think he is a player.  You just have to decide how that fits into your own values.  Personally I don't have room for a player in my life.  They rarely come out and tell you the exact truth. Instead, the truth is a game, and if you want it, you have to play the game to win it.  To me, that's deceptive and leaves room for mistrust. But if you are THAT interested, proceed with caution knowing that he won't always be up front with you. And as you have learned, when you do stand up to him, he will probably make you feel like you have it all wrong and that the problem is with you, not him.

But only you can make that call.

I always ask myself if those are the traits I would want in a husband or in my child. I know that assumes a LOT, but why waste time dating a guy you wouldn't want to be married to? And why date a guy who might teach your child to behave that same way?

Instead, decide what you DO value, and only date guys who exhibit values you admire and respect. It's old fashioned, yes, but that is why marriages based on values last while marriages based on looks or charisma do not.

I hope this helps!


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