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Teen Dating Issues/How to tell my parents about my online boyfriend?


About a week ago I was going through a really bad time. I am still going through it but it's way better. Thanks to this guy. I met him on a website. He's really kind and sweet. On his profile all it talks about helping people and not wanting them to commit suicide and stuff. He's the sweetest thing in the world. As cliche as it sounds he saved my life. I wouldn't have made it another three months without A) self harming B) doing drugs C) running away D) killing myself.
The problem is I don't know how to tell my parents I'm dating someone online. Especially since they don't know I have this website. And I'm not really allowed to talk to people online.
I want to tell them but I don't know how.
Another thing is he's two years younger than me. But he's taken some of the stuff that I'm taking. He was supposed to skip two years of school too...
He's also way more mature than I am.

I think I hurt his feelings when I told him I couldn't tell anyone.
I hope this is the right catagorey. Thank you for reading this.

Becca, talking to a guy on the internet isn't a replacement for counseling. If you are feeling so distraught that you honestly feel like A, B, C, or D might have happened, then you need to seek counseling.  Those are all signs that you are trying to deal with more than you can handle, and while this guy might have temporarily staved the depression, what happens if he isn't there?  And, since it is an internet relationship, that is a very real threat.  So PLEASE, talk to your parents today about your depression.

Don't invite any more stress into your life right now by trying to tell them about him or your online life.  Just seek help, and from that help, you can deal with all the other issues.

It's wonderful to have a friend.  Cherish that, but don't put all your "eggs" in that basket.  Today you need to focus on fixing whatever it is that is causing the bad times. Please promise me you will seek counseling.  Your parents' health insurance should cover most of the cost.



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