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Hey. I have a prom with a Guy that I like.
We started talking since a couple of months we went out but in not really sure if I can call it a date. After we went out, he would talk to me for the whole night.
And then he would disappear for a few days and comes back with an excuse.
Then he becomes very sweet again and he says he wants to see me but he doesn't make an effor and when I tell him that he says I'm the one who calls you on the phone every time to arrange the outing, you should've called and stuff like that.
He even wanted to surprise me on my prom night so he said I'm near the hotel which is in it my prom. And he told me call me when you arrive I can see you but when I arrived I got really busy with a lot of things and I texted him after two hours but he had already left.
He called me once at 2 am we talked for like two hours and he said I used to ignore my ex girlfriend and I don't know why I do this. He said he doesn't like a girl to call him every single day. And he asked me what are the things I value in a man and he would ask me about the relationship thing. I don't know why there's so much in my mind but when he asked me I couldn't answer properly.
Anyways he knows I'm close minded and I'm not like the girls who date and sleep with their boyfriends.
So I don't think he's playing games with me right? We're acting like friends, soemtimes I feel like we're acting like best friends, and sometimes I feel it's flirting but I just can't understand him.
He's Gemini, and they're known for their split personalities.
He would become very nice then suddenly slip away and then come back. He might ignore my texts sometimes too. I called him a couple of days ago and we were talking on the phone when suddenly he answered another phone call which was one of his family member. He closed on me the phone and didn't day anything the rest of the day he didn't call or text or anything so I think this is a bit rude. It was his birthday the next day so I texted him and I told him I tried to call you but ur phone was off he said my phone ran out of charge. So I texted him I hope you had fun on your birthday but I kind of ignored his text for a day and a half. Then I sent it. Then he ignored me and he didn't send me anything again. It's been a few days.
I don't know if he likes me or not it's very complicated and I really like him. But I can't keep
up with his attitude!  I don't know why he does this and I really want him to stop and I told him I hate this and he keeps ignoring me. Do you think I should ignore him? Please tell me what I should do now! Thank you

Hi Maria

Do you think this is a guy you would want to date if you could? Dating is about finding the person who best matches with your personality. And finding someone who can respect you and holds your values. Is that guy? If the answer is no then I think you should either stop talking to him or just remain friends.

Good luck and please let me know if you want to chat more


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