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person who lives a thousand km away from me, in Kanpur, U.P, India. We met online three and a half year back, and have been together since, except for a few months when my parents thought they couldn't trust him and prevented me from contacting him. Now I am in close contact with him again, know him very well and love him deeply and truly. We have met once, and once is all. He plans to come to my place next year, to persue his further education. He's very good to me, and I'm certain he's pure and true. Nowadays, however, I have constant worry and thoughts about whether our long distance love would turn out to be real after all. Three and a half year, with meeting him only once, is a really long time to be away from someone loved. I am frustrated, angry and desperate.
I wish to know how well this relationship might go on, would we ever have a chance to live and be together like other couples, would marriage be in our cards, and relevant advice regarding the frustration I feel about being in a long distance relationship.
Thanks a lot. This is first question I ever asked any adult, I'm sorry if you think it is immature. Nevertheless, thanks.


There is no reason that your relationship cannot go on if you trust and love each other. IT is natural to feel frustrated when you haven't met for so long. You need to think about why you are feeling this way, is it because you cannot meet him or if you are having second thoughts about your relationship. It is possible that after you meet your relationship will not turn out to be exactly the same way as you imagined. You have to be ready for that. However, having said that if you two love each other you can definitely make it work. Maybe you can try to meet up more often or think of ways of staying in touch so you don't feel so frustrated.

Have a talk with him about how you feel. I am sure you will feel much better and the two of you can work it out. The best advice I can give for long distance relationship is not to hide your feelings and keep in touch. Regarding marriage it is for you to decide if you love him and are okay with waiting or if you feel too frustrated but there is no reason you two cannot be together if you want it.

I hope this helps. Don't hesitate to ask any follow up questions.


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