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July 8, 2014

Dear Sandi

My name is Jacob Bonds and I am a member of the True Star magazine editorial staff. Our publication, which comes out quarterly, is written by Chicago area teens and focuses on issues pertaining to today’s youth. I am contacting you in hopes of getting your expert opinion for a story that I am currently working on.  The topic I am writing about focuses on youth dating – specifically male teens interested in dating girls considered tomboys.  I would greatly appreciate it if you could answer the questions below for this article.
Unfortunately my deadline is very tight. If you could please email me your response by Monday, July 14th I would greatly appreciate it.  If you have any questions about our magazine or the True Star Foundation please visit our website at www.truestarfoundation.org for more information. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Jacob Bonds

Article Questions:
1.   What are the pros and cons of dating a tomboy?
2.   In your opinion, what is socially considered a tomboy?
3.   What advice can you give guys as how to approach a tomboy?
4.   What activities should a tomboy and a guy do to help the relationship?
5.   Why would dating a tomboy seem threatening to the average guy?

Hi Jacob. Thank you for contacting me. Here are my answers and opinions to your questions

1. One pro would be that most tomboys are into sports and doing things most guys would do. I think for a guy dating a tomboy this would be beneficial if the guy is into those things as well. A con could be the guy not really feelings like the guy in the relationship. Or being teased by friends for dating someone that is into guy activities.

2. In my opinion a tomboy is a girl who represents what a typical guy would be into. Looking like a guy by having shorter hair, dressing like a guy, and liking activities that a guy would like.

3. My advice on approaching a tomboy would be the same for approaching a non tomboy. Be yourself, think about some topics or questions you might want to ask this person. Take it slow and get to know the person before asking her out on a date.

4. Any actives they both enjoy. Maybe some activities one or both do not enjoy. Go out of your comfort zone sometimes and have fun. Its a good way to get to know that person better.

5. Dating a tomboy could be a little threatening to a guy if that person is too tomboy'ish and might be stronger or into sports more then the guy.  

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