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Should I stay in a relationship with my long distance boyfriend who is really sweet and caring. Or should we move on and if I did how would I meet the right person for me?


Staying in a relationship or not is purely your decision. Who say that your boyfriend is caring and sweet. So you should ask yourself why you want to break up with him. If it is just because you feel you might get someone better then there is a chance you might not get someone better too. A relationship requires effort and nurturing, you have to put in effort to sustain a relationship.
You should ask yourself if you are ready to put in that effort and then decide if you should break up with him or not.

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I can answer basic questions about relationships like how to meet the right person, how to express your feelings, how to cope with long distance relationships. I cannot answers psychological issues. I believe that being a young person I can understand teenage issues much better.


I believe everyone has some experience about dating once they reach their 20s. I've had long distance relationships, gone through bad break-up, struggled through difficult times and learnt to accept others. I believe I have enough knowledge to understand other's problems and I am willing to help them.

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