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Teen Dating Issues/How to talk to a girl that I barely see anymore?


Long story not very short, there's this girl. During freshman year I liked her and I'm sure she liked me. It was so obvious and I really should've done something but I barely got to see her in school. During the end of that year, she seemed to get less interested in me so I really didn't care much when summer came. She was always in the back of my mind.

Sophomore year, by coincidence, her locker was next to mine and she was in a couple of my classes. I realized that I should go after her, it was worth a shot. So I actually started to talk to her. At first it was on and off flirting because some days I just got nervous and some days I didn't. Eventually, I cut that out and I realized I should ask her for her number or to hangout or something around December. Unfortunately, I started to slip up left and right. I never did it. The thing is I'm 100% sure from then and to yesterday that she would've said yes, too. I guess it's because I never really got this close before. She probably does know I had a feelings for her because I've told her I thought she was beautiful, pretty, and all these other things. (Not frequently though, only a few times). I lost contact over the summer, could never ask for her number idk why.

Now I don't have any classes with her this year (11th grade) and it's a serious struggle finding her in the hallway. Im pretty sure her homeroom is a few doors down but that's it. Any help.

Hi Tom

This sounds pretty easy, just find her and go up to :)

Say hello and ask her if she remembers you. Hopefully she does, if not maybe you can refresh her memory. Talk to her a bit, doesn't have to be long. Ask her for her phone number and see what happens. Good luck!


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