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Hi Sandi

I am in a bit of a situation at the moment and im not sure what to do, since my senior year I have had the biggest crush on this guy who has always been close with my circle of friends, however I have never really had a proper one on one conversation with him without being tipsy. He is a pretty shy person but we have sort of the same personality, and whenever anyone has ever described him to me I really like what I hear. Anyways it has been about a year now and we have finished highschool and I have progressed to college I stayed in Florida so im still close to all my family and friends, he is doing a job that he doesn't really like but it always keeps him busy, but I still really like him. My best friend convinced me to send him a message, because what did I have to lose I asked him if maybe he wanted to hang out, he said yes. he later told my friend that if I was willing to wait he would love to get to know me but he is really busy with work and stuff at the moment. But he made it seem as though it wouldn't be one or two weeks i'd be waiting for, he didn't really put a time frame on it and the thing is that ive been waiting for a really long time what if I wait and then nothing happens? and him being so shy doesn't really help the situation because I feel im always making the first move. Im just not sure if this is doomed to fail, what do I do?

- Bec

Hi Rebecca

Too bad this guy didnt tell you he was really Not a good start on his part. Since he didnt tell you I would call him (not message him) and just say hello. Talk for a few minutes and then leave it as that. Maybe say something like "hopefully we can hang out sometime soon" before ending the conversation. That way you leave it up to him now and he has talked to you and not just a message back and forth.

Good luck!


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