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Hey. . am 18 and a Girl my boyfriend was dating long back before we started our relationship claims that she is in a relationship with him at the moment. . I asked him about what she was talking about. . but he denied it all claiming that she's lying and all she is.. is his Ex.. But I dont know who to believe?
I dont trust him.. It's not the first time she tells me something like this.. I ready dont know whose telling the truth and whose lying. .
please advice

Trust is the foundation to a healthy relationship. If you cannot trust, you cannot truly love. I'm not sure who is telling the truth; there would be no way for me to determine that. However, the guy obviously comes with some baggage. Either he's dating two women at once OR he has a woman stalking him who cannot take no for an answer. You must get to a place of trust if you are to continue this relationship.

If I were you, I'd take some time away from him to let him get his business straight. Tell him that AFTER he's completely shed himself of this excess baggage, you'll reconsider. But in the meantime, you don't need his EX (or whatever she is) polluting your peace and quiet. At that point, he will either call her off completely or return to her (if he's lying to you). Either way, you'll get the answers you seek.

OR, if he's serious that she's NOT his ex, you can file for a restraining order to keep her away from you. He can do the same. If either of you feel like she's stalking him by way of you, you can ask the police to demand that she stays away. I realize you are in another country, but in the US, stalking is illegal, even when there has been no threat because her continued claims show a disconnect from reality. She may be mentally unstable, which could put you in a vulnerable position.

I wish you the best!


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