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Teen Dating Issues/Tragic Confusion over his love


Im Priya, 16
So this is really complicated-long-bothersome story but i need to have a advise as im really suffering alot with this, its eating me from inside.

English is not my first language so nevermind.

So, It all started 2 year ago when i started to have a crush on one of my classmate.
He was different, unsocial and shy with a quite good looks plus a straight guy and hence he catched my eye.
when one of my not-so-close friend found this out she told him that i have a crush in him. he rejected it very unpolitely. i tried ignoring him in school but the way he smiled at me just coudnt let me do may have been that he was doing it out of pride or else. but later when time passed he do started to came closer, follow me arround and other stuff.
thing went harsh when i got to know he blocked me in social media and hence i started ignoring him, he started to act guilty with those depressed looks but i keep ignoring him, i not really sure but i saw him wiping his eyes and looking at me all depressed, he was changed, his charming self was gone, he became more of a lone wolf with one or two friends with him.
thing got WORSE when two of my friend approached him about me to date him. he was all confused and going yes to no, blush then straight and at last he said "bring her up" so the day we were supposed to meet up, due to some very imported buisness i was not able to meet him. the next day when my friends came up to him again he just shook them up. it was rude.
we had 3-4 months break till our result 11th grade and now in school he is calm but still gives me looks like "im so disappointed" but on the other hand he give heart warming smiles when i enjoy with my friends....wheneva i try talking to him his eyes won't look up.
just a while back my friend asked him why he does not make any girlfriends, he said he couldnt find one, she said that he rejected the one who was there (me), he giggled but then get straight and said that its not the right time. he later called her and said that he said yes to me, she was like "who Priya ?"
he said "no just kidding".

Now please tell me what am i supposed to do..i hopelessly love him and he's making me so confuse and his absence kills me. im suffering a lot.
he is a unsocial guy and dont talk to any girl expect a little to a girl who sits in front (classmate).
should i wait cause what i heard shy guys takes forever to .
Or should i prupose but the thing is im scared that he will reject me again due to his so called perfect timing.

please help.

Hello Priya,

Thanks for writing in and dropping a word. It takes a lot to open up about issues in the back of the mind and when its related to our heart, it takes guts to pen down left alone talk with someone about the same. I appreciate your gesture in pouring your heart felt emotions and seeking a helping hand for the same. Kudos to you !!!

Well to be honest if a lady gives into guy tantrums then that guy doesn't give much ado to that girl nor the relationship last long. You are at that age where attraction with opposite sex is quite obvious and jealousy plays spoilsport. The guy is now acting smart and trying to make sure that he neglect you altogether and make you jealous by talking tits bits with other. You need to start giving damn to him and talk to other guys, so that he gets the idea you not dying for him. Unless you control your emotions, you would end up losing your self respect and originality.

Always remember this is the starting age of teenage and unless you go in right direction, you might end up in wrong hands.

Just go out and give your best and  things would fall in place...

All the best !!

Relationship Counsellor
Bringing smiles on the faces on the way .....

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Teen Dating Issues

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