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Teen Dating Issues/I need help please, what to do?


I've known this girl named Alicen, since summer of 2014. We talked a lot and became very good friends. But she told me that we should just be best friends and nothing more. (This was in around fall 2014). So i found another girl and we dated for a bit till around may of this year. We sort of drifted apart. During this time with the new girl, i still kept in touch with Alicen. We hung out a few times and one time she did the totally unexpected. We were just sitting in the park like teasing each other and she kissed me. This was totally weird for me at the time but i developed feelings for her and we had/have a thing. (This started beginning of summer of 2015). Now we are still in a thing but not really officially dating. anyway, im starting to lose feelings for her and im starting to get feelings for this girl i just started talking to a few days ago. Ive never met her in person so im not really sure if i actually like her. The thing is i still kind of like Alicen but at the same time I don't really.... The problem is that she is literally in love with me. I still want to be close with her and be bestfriends but if i break it off with her we wont be close anymore. Also, i want to hang out with this new girl and see how she actually is in person and if we have any real chemistry. But would this be considered like cheating on Alicen? I sort of feel guilty but i just have no idea what to do. We are in eleventh year. Should i hangout with the new girl and see what happens first? I am 17.

Hi John

This is completely normal. Your young and should be dating different girls to find out what you like and dont like. But dont do it behind her back. As hard as it will be you need to tell her that you want to take a break. I wouldnt tell her you want to go out and date other girls. No need to hurt even more then she will probably be hurt. Just let her know that you really like her as a friend but not romantically. It's hard but in the end it will be the right thing to do. Good luck!


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