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In the state of New Jersey, can an adult (early twenties) flirt/date online with a minor(15) and be charged or convicted? Some side information would be there is no talk about to involvement in meeting in person. Everything is kept PG, and there is not one bit of sexual conduct. When talking, it's usually about the game but there will be some flirty comments thrown in such as "cute" or cute names. It's casual flirting with hint at any other possibilities. Mainly, just to enjoy each others company. Is this illegal or can the adult be charged with anything that will land in him with jail time?

Thank you for your time.

I can't give you legal advice, but it's not safe. Flirting can be "interpreted," and it toys dangerously with both sides' emotions, tempting them from the safe side to the dangerous side without you realizing you've crossed it.

And here's another thing when dealing with young people. The law is ALWAYS on their side. If she says that you made her think it was becoming sexual, or you made her think she was in danger, or you made her feel drawn to endanger herself because YOU were older and wiser, then you are screwed.

So I can't answer the legal parts of your question, as I'm not from NJ, nor am I an attorney. But from an expert point of view, stop. There is no reason to do it, and if an adult wanted to "interpret" your reasons (there is the room for interpretation, right there!!), they might become very creative because they are wondering what on EARTH was a 23 year old thinking when he flirted - even if his motives were harmless - with a child.

So, my advice: If she can't show you a license saying she's 18 or older, she's too young.


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