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So I am a 17 year old kid with Asperger's and I am assuming I have other stuff too. I do not have a very good relationship with my family but I do have a lot of friends, just no really good ones. Tonight's our school dance and I wanted to go more than anything because I thought it would be a great time, unfortunately I didn't get asked. I asked all my friends and they didn't know anyone who needed a date and told me not to worry about it cause it's not that fun. Besides that I am trying to get close to my friends taht I have and I am trying to do that without being annoying. My friends want me to talk to girls and want to help me but I often get so frustrated that I have anxiety attacks or I have these fits where I hit myself in the head or want to commit suicide. I know it seems like I'm overreacting but I just want to be a normal kid. I want to have all those experiences and not be lonely. Some of my friends say you're fine you don't need girls or to get closer with my friends but I need to make my life feel meaningful. I've tried to text but I get too much anxiety and talking is much worse. What do I do?

Hi Mike

Sorry for the late response. My advice would be to try and build a relationship with your family. Friends are great to have and I would continue to build those as well. But your family should be your first priority if possible. Do you have any brothers or sisters, mom, or dad you can talk to?


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