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Hello and thanks for your service! I am in a bit of a tizzy with this guy.

There has been this guy who lives down the hall form me in my dorm. Here's is the back story:

It all started in October. Friends and I would be around campus and my friends would notice how often my crush looked at me if we were in the same vicinity. I soon realized it when without them because we live down the hall from each other. Whenever we would pass each other, he would. He had been doing this up until our winter break.

When winter break ended, I saw him considerably less. He would still look at me without saying anything any time we would see each other though.

Recently, he actually said something to me which was when he asked if a piece of laundry was mine. I shook my head at him because I was too shocked to say "No, it isn't. " He seemed a bit nervous though. We had been in the same place, in close proximity to each other a bunch of other times as well, but this is the first time where he said something to me.

I was going to be direct and knock on his door and introduce myself, but I feel that that wouldn't work. So, the next time I see him, I plan on saying something to him .

Any ideas on what to say? Also, what do you think his actions might mean?

Yes, I think I can help. It is awkward when you feel like "too much" time has passed, and now an introduction almost seems, well, awkward, right? So let him know. I would say, "You know, we see each other all the time, and I feel kind of bad that I haven't introduced myself sooner. But since I feel like we already kind of know each other, I figured we'd better at least make it official. I'm Jordan. (reach for a handshake)"

What's the worst that can go wrong? Seriously?

So then, say it was nice meeting him, and scoot. It's going to be awkward, so don't let awkward linger. Tell him you've got to go, and go. People appreciate "short and to the point," and everyone appreciates it when the other person ends the conversation so they don't have to.l

OR you could take the humorous approach. The next time you see him do laundry, wait until he heads back to his room. Knock on his door, and hand him a folded piece of paper and say, "I saw you in the laundry room earlier. I think this might have fallen out of your pocket. It looks very important." Before he can open it, introduce yourself: "My name is Jordan, by the way. See you around." And then leave. When he opens the paper, it will say: Call me sometime. ~ Jordan, ###-###-####.

Either would work; it just depends on how ballsy you want to be about it - how badly you want him to call. One is passive, and the other is aggressive.

I hope that helps!!


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