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So I have this crush on this guy, that I ended up admitting my crush to him in hopes I could get over it since we are going to different high schools. But ever since then, he's been staring and glancing at me constantly. We had a dance the other day, and having got the courage, I asked him to dance. Surprisingly he said yes, and I noticed while we were dancing, he kept staring again, and his eyes were dilated. Mind you it wasn't dark at this dance. Afterwards, his friend comes back and talks to him, and I see him pointing at me, he seeming upset. Later on that night, my friends come to me, saying he ( the crush) said some stuff to them about me. Such as how he didn't want to dance with me, how he was happy we aren't going to the same schools, and that he did not like me one bit. It may seem like a stupid situation, but can you help me understand why he's giving me mixed signals? Is he playing a game with me? ( Age 15 to clarify )

Hi Vanessa

Sorry for the late response. Guys can be really stupid, lol. I dont know if he likes you or not but either way he sounds do immature. I would forget about him. Stop talking to him and ignore him. If he is going to be so disrespectful as to tell his friends things like that then you dont want him. Move on and forget about this jerk


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